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  • How do I secure a date for a Wedding or Event?
    A signed contract is what Stems, LLC requires to hold the day for a Wedding or Event. We do not require a down payment or deposit.
  • If I order a bouquet after 11am Central time when will the receipient get it?
    Stems, LLC will try to get the bouquet to the receipient the same day it is ordered, however, if it is after 11am it may be delivered the following day.
  • Why do you want my phone number or email when I order a bouquet?
    We like to text or email a photograph of the bouquet that was ordered and delivered so you may see what you purchased and share in the joy we bring on your behalf. It is a small gesture we think is important.
  • When is payment due for a Wedding or Event?
    Payments are due in full two weeks prior to the Wedding or Event. The terms are all fully described in the binding contract signed to hold the date.
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